Living in a particularly heavy snow fall zone, the height of winter usually brings with it a thick build up of snow that over time will turn into a potentially hazardous layer of slippery ice that can cause an accident if it’s not dealt with. In the past using my trusty snow shovel and some good old arm muscle strength was all it took to break up and clear away the snow; though recently, either because I’m getting older or because there’s been an increase in snow fall over the years I’ve been forced to look to other means of clearing the snow from around my home. One piece of equipment that has made this job a breeze is my new yard machine snow blower; they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but all of them make easy work of churning up the snow and spreads into easy to manage piles. If you’re new to yard machine snow blowers then you might be a little confused by all the different types of machines available today, each is designed to work on a different degree of snow build up, so the type that you choose completely depends on how much snow you have to clear and how think it is layered on. There’s no point in buying a powerful 2 stage snow blower if all you need to clear is a 4 meter long path with 12 inches of snow cover, for this a simple portable electric snow blower device will be more effective. To give you better idea of what factors to consider before you spend hundreds of dollars on a new snow blower, here are a few questions that you might want to ask your self:

(A) What is the extent of my snow problem?
– Don’t go out and buy a yard snow blower just because it looks cool, I’ve done this many times and always end up wasting my money. There are 3 main types of snow blower:

*Portable snow blower
– An example of this is the ‘Toro snow shovel’; a 7.5 amp snow shovel that looks like a pole with blades at one end. You simply push it into the area that you want clearing then it churns up the snow and hard ice spitting it out about 20 meters in front of you. If you have between 1 – 5 inches of soft snow covering a 20-40 sqft area then this might be the too for you.

*1-stage snow blower
– This type of snow blower is much larger than the portable type, but has exactly the same action. The difference is in its power, it can churn up harder bits of snow and ice and deal with a deeper layers of snow build up over a wider area. If you’re trying to remove thick snow from your back garden, as well as your front path then this is a good choice for you.

*2-stage snow blower
– This particular product churns up the snow then separates different materials and spits them out into different piles, if you have a yard or front path covered in gravel then this will help avoid losing all of the gravel that would other wise be mixed and thrown out by the other snow blowers. Two-stage snow blowers tend to be very powerful and much larger in size, being able to cover larger areas in little time and some must actually be driven like a tractor.

(B) Should I buy gasoline or electric powered – Yard machines usually come in gas or electric powered version, both have their pros and cons, but more people are leaning towards electric power these days. Gasoline is polluting, noisy and requires constant cleaning to avoid blockage. Though having said that the downside to electric snow blowers is not being able to go too far from your homes power source, unless you have a particularly long power cord that is. Portable snow blowers usually come in electric powered varieties, where as the larger 1-stage machines come in both gas and electric types; the more powerful 2 –stage blowers are almost always run on gasoline because of their size.

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